Take a Risk:林岳彦の研究メモ



発がん性試験のエームズ試験などで有名かつ高名なBrues Ames自身が、自身の研究生活を振り返る記事をメモしておきます。

An Enthusiasm for Metabolism

天然農薬(natural pesticide)*1に関する記述はこのあたり(太字は引用者による強調):

To put synthetic carcinogens in perspective, Gold and I thought it necessary to examine the carcinogenicity of the natural background of chemicals as an appropriate control for synthetic chemicals. We estimated that 99.9% of all chemical exposure is from ingesting natural chemicals in food, e.g. 99.99% of exposure to pesticides is from ingesting natural pesticides produced by plants (23). We published a paper entitled “Ranking Carcinogenic Hazards” in Science in 1987 (17). To compare the average daily dose of chemicals which humans might receive with the dose that induced cancer in rodents, we created an index called HERP (human exposure dose/rodent potency dose). The results of HERP showed that the possible cancer hazard of traces of synthetic chemicals such as pesticide residues are tiny compared with natural chemicals in the diet. Even the possible hazards from “rodent carcinogens” in natural chemicals should be viewed with skepticism because of the problem of high dose testing.


当該論文(ref 17)はこちら↓(HERPが高いほど高リスク。酒類のケタ違いの有害さが印象的/ハーブ系もなかなか)
Ames et al. (1987) in Science